Nons NEPA – First Brew

Exciting times – we are brewing our first batch of Nons NEPA in February 2021. 

Nons NEPA: 4.8% ABV 500ml “A smooth and juicy New England Pale Ale (NEPA), with a diverse bouquet of tropical fruit aromas and flavour”.

Ingredients: Spring water, BARLEY malt, WHEAT malt, OAT malt, Hops, and yeast.

A New England Pale Ale named after Saint Non, who was the mother of Saint David, the Patron Saint of Wales. Legend has it that the nearby Saint Nons well had a long tradition of drawing the insane to be immersed in the hope of a cure! We hope you’ll be going crazy over this fantastic new beer.

I cannot wait for you to sample this new brew, we are certain it is going to be a hit with the punters!

Mark Evans – OFB Master Brewer

You can pre-order the very first bottles by adding them to your cart below:

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Thank you all – Diolch Pawb

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