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OUR AWARD Winning Beers

Diod Dewi

5.0% ABV 500ml #DiodDewi

A silky, creamy stout with robust notes of coffee and dark roasted barley that counterbalance the mild hop additions and subtle lactose sweetness.

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Cwrw Kelp

4.0% ABV 500ml #CwrwKelp

A pale gold Lager, with a subtle infusion of Sugar Kelp, gives a clean, crisp taste, refreshingly smooth and easy to drink.

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Lagwn Lâs

4.0% ABV 500ml #LagwnLâs

A pale gold Lager, with considerable but balanced malt and hop character with a tantalisingly clean, crisp taste.

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Bwdi Bay

3.9% ABV 500ml #BwdiBay

A refreshing Pale Ale, with punchy citrus flavours and hints of tropical fruits supported by a golden malt backbone.

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4.8% ABV 500ml #NonsNEPA

A smooth, juicy, hazy and unfiltered New England Pale Ale (NEPA), with a diverse bouquet of tropical fruit aromas and flavour.

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Cwrw Clôs

4.2% ABV 500ml #CwrwClôs

A twist on a classic bitter, with balanced character, hints of burnt sugar, cedar and spicy citrus flavours with subtle honey notes.

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“Feast at the Brewery”

Saturday 19th August 2023. Time: 5.00pm. Feast at the Brewery

“Beer, Bap & Boogie”

Friday 23rd June 2023. Time: 7.00pm. Profits from the evening will be donated to Fishguard Show

“Canu a Cwrw”

Friday 26th May 2023. Time: 5.00pm. Profits from the evening will be donated to the British Heart Foundation.

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