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We are Mark and Emma Evans – born and bred within 6 miles of St Davids we were both brought up on family farms and met through our local young farmers club. We both went away to university but the pull of home was too great and we returned home and married and moved to Upper Harglodd Farm in 2006. We are passionate about farming sustainably, conserving our landscape whilst growing our business in a way that will allow our children to also enjoy and appreciate the land of our forefathers.

From barley to bottle

Follow the journey of your beer, from being sown in the fields to ending up in your bottle.

Starting with the ploughing and sowing of grain each spring, we nurture your beers from start to finish – tending the barley crop through the summer and harvesting in early September. This is then dried and analysed to make sure it makes the grade for brewing, once everyone is happy this is then malted and stored ready for use in your fantastic ales throughout the year – from barley to bottle.


The earliest references to Upper Harglodd Farm dates back to 1326 when it is listed in the Black Book of St Davids, so ensuring its future as a working farm was a must for us. In 2018 the idea of renovating the derelict ‘Old Farmhouse’ on Upper Harglodd farmyard (which was a house pre 1889 when the current farmhouse was built!) into an on-farm craft microbrewery began – as you can see from this photo this was going to be quite a task!

Thanks to the fantastic skilled local craftsmen once the renovation of the Old Farmhouse was complete our vision to start making beer using home grown grain was possible, using the farms own well water (which is believed to be that referenced as 1669 as ‘Ffynnon Dewi’ a Holy Well), and honey from our own hives – the perfect way to reinvigorate the farm whilst respecting the environment!

I have been a home brewer since my teenage years, learning the process from a neighbour on my parent’s farm (Gordon Richards, Llanhowell) and I have been experimenting with flavours and methods ever since.

Mark Evans

Brewer, Old Farmhouse Brewery

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